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Chemical & Microbiological Analyses

Parmaki Laboratories, with the experience and the scientific staff at their disposal, carry out numerous chemical and microbiological tests, in compliance with the requirements of the legislation, on:
- Cheese
- Milk and dairy industries.
- Meat production and processing industries.
- Olive oil processing industries.
- Bakery industry.
- Pasta industries.
- Feed industries.
- Confectioneries, Catering.
- Water bottling plants.
- Requirements of HACCP - ISO systems
Our laboratories operate with a key quality criterion, based on state-of-the-art equipment and specialised scientific support on technology and food quality.



  • Feta Cheese: LPF 1, LPF 2, SF1      

  • Semi- Hard Cheese: BASR            

  • Hard Cheese:  MALP 721         


Parmakli Laboratories, working with MINERAL in disinfectants and cleaners, have organised a number of special disinfection and cleaning programs to effectively combat bacteria and microbes, always with the support of their most trained scientific staff. Headquartered in Larissa, we serve all of Greece through our network of partners.

In addition, after years of testing in the Greek, European and world cheesemaking market, we have the top cheese cultures in the series:

as well as rennet of animal and chemical origin.



Parmaklis Laboratories are particularly successful in studying, implementing and maintaining the HACCP system as it is mandatory for food businesses, according to Ministerial Decision 487 / 4.10.2000 Government Gazette 1219.

They undertake the study and implementation of quality assurance systems in accordance with the ISO standards ISO 22000, BRC and IFS series, as well as the training of business personnel to the requirements of the system.

New Dairy? 

We are here!

Parmakli Laboratories are in a position to undertake the design of new cheese dairies, from controlling to licensing up to their construction.

We provide you with our complete services for the total supply of your unit's equipment and the transfer of know-how you need to get you started with the right supplies.

Finally, we undertake the training of your staff on cheese-making, as well as on the quality control of raw materials and finished products. At the same time, we are next to you, to any problem that may arise, suggesting the most advantageous solution.

New Dairy
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